Semantic Copyright

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Semantic Copyright

What is Semantic Copyright?

Semantic Copyright is a platform for research and promotion of semantic technology solutions applied to the field of Intellectual Property Rights.

Works protected by intellectual property rights, whether text, images, music files, audiovisuals, computer software, etc. are available, shared and disseminated by digital networks on a daily basis. These facts place the works into a risk of being exploited illegally or without following the wishes of the author or rightholder.

This current situation of IPR holders requires effective technological solutions for the information and management of those rights in the digital environment. In addition, users also need tools that provide security and trust at the time they use such content in a lawful manner. 

Semantic technology allows you to enter this information in the digital content in an efficient, safe and reliable manner, so that computer systems and applications can make automated decisions based on the rights involved, combining the interests and needs of both, holders and users, and providing a new dimension to the intellectual property registries as key elements in this scenario.

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Presentation of Semantic Copyright at FICOD 2010

Place and date: FICOD 2010. 17th november 2010. T5 Room.

The public presentation of Semantic Copyright will take place at FICOD 2010. In it are going to be emphasized:

  • The cability of Semantic Copyright for solving the challenges that Internet sets out to the different options of copyright.
  • The availability and running of this "prototype" version, as well as its release as a previous step for this technology which, once checked and working, can be spread offering an independent, efficient and respectful solution for all Intelectual Property options.

The presentation will be executed by the legal collaborators of Safe Creative: Andy Ramos Gil de la Haza and David Maeztu.

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Copyright Semantic Presentation in Madrid

On 20 May 2009, as part of the conference "The Role of Intellectual Property Registries on the Global Digital Networks" held at IESE Business School in Madrid, Safe Creative introduced the initiative Semantic Copyright, which showed a working prototype built into an Intellectual Property Registry service.

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Semantic Copyright supported by the Ministry of Industry of Spain

The project to develop and release the Semantic Copyright baseline has been awarded with the financial support of the Ministry of Spain through the “Plan Avanza”.

Safe Creative, the Artificial-Intelligence Department of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, and Fundación Dialnet are involved in this project for the developing and releasing of the beta version of Semantic Copyright and the subsequent launching of the platform to maintain it.


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Presentation of Semantic Copyright in Santiago, Chile

On 26 May 2009, as part of the roundtable "Licensing and Registration of Intellectual Property in Digital Networks, challenges and opportunities around emerging trends" held at the National Library in Santiago de Chile, Safe Creative introduced the Copyright Semantic initiative, which showed a working prototype built into an Intellectual Property Registry service.

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Plan Avanza Safe Creative Universidad Politécnica de Madrid